A Better Way to Spin Indoors Without Breaking the Bank

You have heard great things about spinning classes. You have heard that indoor cycling is a great, low impact exercise with tremendous cardio benefits. Classes are fun, the people are nice, and the instructors are highly motivating. So what’s holding you back? You can’t afford it. You want to take cycling classes, but you are afraid they will break the bank.

There is a way around the financial barriers of indoor cycling if you have access to a local studio offering the right kinds of services. Not all studios do, so the solution offered here might not work for you. If not, you can still combine the information in this post with a secondhand bike purchased from someone who gave up.

A Virtual Membership

Taking spinning classes without breaking the budget requires a multidimensional approach. It begins with looking around for a virtual membership. A virtual membership is just what its name implies: a membership at a local studio that gives you access to virtual classes.

At Mcycle in Salt Lake City, Utah, virtual spinning classes were introduced shortly after the coronavirus pandemic struck. Customers signed up for classes just like they would have in the studio, then attend them from home via a laptop or smartphone.

This obviously isn’t the same experience as attending a class in-person but remember that you’re trying to save money. You might save even more if your local studio allows you to exercise along with recorded videos rather than signing up for a class. You get the same workout without taking up one of the limited class spots.

Renting Your Bike

The second part of this is renting a bike from your local studio. Some studios include bike rental with their virtual memberships, others charge a separate fee. Here’s the point: renting gets you a professional-grade bike at a much lower upfront cost.

The benefit of bike rental is that you can return the machine at the end of your virtual membership. You are not stuck with a piece of equipment that sits around the house gathering dust.

Familiarize Yourself with the Apps

The third and final component is making yourself familiar with the many spinning apps out there. Why would you want a spinning app when you have a virtual membership? Because you will not be taking classes with your trainer every day of the week. An app that gives you access to virtual rides from around the world can make up for those days when you’re not in class.

Depending on the model of bike you use, you might be able to connect your computer or mobile device for an even better experience. Connecting apps with supported devices means more realistic rides simulated by software. If the ride has you going uphill, your bike will automatically adjust its incline.

If You Must Buy

There may not be a studio near you willing to rent you a bike. In such a case, you might feel compelled to buy one. Do yourself a favor and do not spend a ton of money on a brand-new bike from a big-name brand. Again, you are trying to do this without breaking the bank. Buy a secondhand bike instead.

A secondhand bike will help you get started. You can hold onto it until you are sure cycling is your thing. At that point, invest in something more expensive.

There are ways to get into spinning without spending a fortune. You just have to be willing to look beyond what everyone else is doing and come up with a plan of your own.