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Health MagazineGood Health is Australia’s greatest liked and most respected health magazine brings you the newest news on medical advances, fitness, vitamin, relationships, different therapies, and beauty. Good Health makes being healthy straightforward – we offer the easy recommendation to empower you to take pleasure in an extended and wholesome life.

Pam, thanks so much for this article. I am simply getting back in to writing, and I would like very a lot to do some freelance work, but am unsure easy methods to begin. I did purchase the new Writer’s Market, and I have a few reference books. Your hub was very concise and helpful. I’ll be printing it and putting it in the folder with my other reference materials. Thanks!

My 2 cents: be persistent and have a thick pores and skin. Realize that many editors will reject you and use someone they’ve worked with who doesn’t know the subject. They want predictable results, and using someone they’ve never worked with won’t provide that. I usually see magazine tales that don’t present good info. Magazines exist to sell adverts. If the readers do not know a narrative has poor info, it does not matter if they nonetheless buy the journal. A mediocre author who is nice at promoting will do a lot better than an professional author who is not good at promoting.

Recently there was some information that instructed that the first person to live to 200 years outdated had doubtless already been born. It is definitely true that medical science has advanced wonderfully, bringing cures to diseases and extending our natural lifespan by means of to nearly eighty. That’s a far cry from medieval occasions, when anybody over 50 was thought-about a venerable fellow.