Surrogacy and endless happiness

Surrogacy in Colombia: What to Know

Full transparency process and quality medical treatment – is it your dream during Surrogacy infertility treatment? If yes, your best choice is ADONIS medical assistance and the latest Surrogacy Programs proposed. 

Scientific and technological progress and the process of women’s emancipation have contributed to the search for new ways to solve the problem of infertility.

With full understanding and support, ADONIS comes up to each case and demands your well-being and happiness. 

Ukrainian legal benefit 

Surrogacy is prohibited by law in different countries worldwide, some of them allow only non-commercial motherhood surrogacy (Surrogacy in Canada or Great Britain works only in such a way). It provides huge problems for future parents and requires a huge amount of costs. 

The main legal benefit for our clients from the whole world is that in Ukraine Surrogacy treatment is allowed on a commercial basis.

All the rights of intended parents are protected and the arrangement between the surrogate and intended parents is regulated. 

With ADONIS ‘own legal support, every client is under control of our department. No additional costs and no illegal actions. 

The law of Ukraine accurately describes all the necessary requirements to start the process absolutely legally. The main cautionary note is that only officially married couples can apply for Surrogacy.

ADONIS International Surrogacy provides the service of Gestational Surrogacy based on IVF. The crucial aspect remains the genetic connection between the intended parents and the future baby. The Surrogate mother only carries a baby (ADONIS own Surrogate base ensures the totally healthy women to choose on the Surrogate role). If required, the sperm or egg donors are provided by ADONIS ‘own donor base. 

Gestational Surrogacy advantages:

  • Genetic relation with a baby
  • Profitable legal process in Ukraine
  • Cryopreserved embryos from previous IVF treatments can be used
  • Wide variety of surrogacy programs for everyone

ADONIS Gestational Surrogacy Programs have operated since 2012 with successful results and the most healthy babies delivered.

The main points to know for future parents, that should be ready for the complex process of Surrogacy:

  • Surrogacy is the labour-intensive process which involves huge amounts of medical procedures and surrogacy paperwork. It is important to cooperate with trusted clinics to be safe and protected (ADONIS reputation is impeccable and proved by patients’ reviews)
  • Surrogacy cost can be significant – with ADONIS own medical basis the Surrogate Programs are really affordable without losses in quality (if compare with Surrogacy in Canada, USA or Great Britain)
  • Surrogacy requires the full confidence – the intended parents experience a lot of emotional stress, but it is really important to trust your Surrogate to carry pregnancy for you with ADONIS total support at every stage of the process

Surrogacy meaning new opportunities for lots of people. ADONIS provides these opportunities for the whole world. We cooperate with different countries to provide affordable parental happiness. Choose our Surrogate Programs and feel the unending happiness!