5 Signs of Lack of Nutrition in Hair

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Hair is one part of our body that is prone to problems. This usually happens because we realize that the condition of our hair is often not very noticeable.

Hair damage is a number of conditions that may occur and are caused by various factors such as the environment, chemicals, and improper care. A number of these conditions can cause hair to lose its natural oils.

Although not felt, this hair problem can actually be seen very clearly. This condition can be a serious concern since this hair problem begins to appear vaguely.

A number of signs can appear on the hair when there is a lack of nutrition. Reporting from Healthshots, here are a number of signs that appear on the hair when it is experiencing a condition of lack of nutrition.

Hair loss

This condition of hair loss can occur due to poor hair health. Too much fiddling with hair, overdrying, frizz, and poor nutrition can make it break and fall out. Although it is normal when it occurs in small amounts, but when the amount occurs in excess, then this is something to be worried about.

Coarse Hair

When you hold your hair and feel a rough feeling when you touch it, then this is a sign of lack of nutrition. This unequal hair texture is a sign of a lack of protein.

Tangled Hair

The condition of frizzy hair is one of the common signs of hair problems. This can occur due to dry conditions and is usually caused by chemicals.

Split Hair

The problem of split ends is a condition that is very easy to see but difficult to overcome. This can even appear within six weeks after you just got a haircut.

Less Moisturized Hair

Dry hair and loss of moisture is a sign of a lack of nutrition. This condition can cause hair to look dry and frizzy, making it difficult to style.

There are a number of reasons why this hair breakage occurs. This condition can be caused by stress, genetics, hormonal changes, lack of nutrition, disease, diabetes, pollution, daily clothes, and various other habits.