Coleus forskohlii – a natural herbal supplement to reduce body fat

Coleus forskohlii extract is derived from the roots of coleus forskohlii. It has been used in India as a medicine and to treat digestive issues. The plant is enormously cultivated in Southern Indian parts. It works as a good heart tonic, lowers blood pressure and dilates the blood vessels.

How does coleus forskohlii help in weight drop?

This herb contains an active ingredient called Forskolin. Ayurvedic treatments have been involved with forskohlii. The basic mechanism of Forskolin is that it increases the cyclic AMP in cells by stimulating an enzyme called adenylate cyclase. cAMP is the most important secondary messengers in the cells. This is vital for cell regulating compounds. Normally cAMP is formed by adenylate cyclase activation due to the hormonal stimulation at the cell receptor site. However, Forskolin bypasses this reaction and allows an increased intracellular cAMP to occur. Is there any importance to increase cAMP levels? Yes, it gives many benefits to the athletes including arteries relaxation, muscle smoothening, lowering blood pressure, enhancing insulin secretion, increasing thyroid hormone function, and increasing metabolic rate along with lipolysis (fat burning).  In 1974 through laboratory research, the laboratory studies discovered coleus forskohlii contains active photochemical Forskolin.

The fat breakdown for fuel is regulated by cAMP. Forskolin not only helps in enhancing lipolysis but also inhibits storage of fat in the body. This information will be more beneficial for the people who try to lose body fat. The fat loss also occurs by stimulation of thyroid hormone production and release by the herbal extract. Since thyroid hormone controls metabolism and enhances metabolic rate, which in turn, melts fat. The most indicative benefit of Forskolin is that it stimulates digestive enzymes which allow the individuals to digest and assimilate the food better. This proper digestion increases the nutrient absorption in the small intestine. Since it has been safe and effective, it is potential as a sports supplement.

The benefits of coleus forskohlii:

The popular benefits of this herbal extract are weight loss, increased testosterone levels with improved cognitive function. It has been used as a popular diet pill and bodybuilders use it to improve lean muscle mass. Though the United States Food and Drug Administration did not approve coleus extract for any treatment, still the Natural Medicines Database reports that coleus forskohlii extract has been used to treat the conditions such as Hypertension, Eczema, Psoriasis, Insomnia, Convulsions, Urinary tract infections, bladder infection, dysmenorrhea, impotence, thrombosis, asthma, allergies, metastatic cancers, angina etc.,

In addition to the above-mentioned medical conditions, Coleus forskohlii helps in treating glaucoma. This is a condition of increased ocular pressure in the eye. The eyeball shape is maintained by intraocular pressure. Excessive fluid can distort the eyeball shape and causes many vision problems including glaucoma. Some studies had shown that forskohlii extract has the tendency to relieve intraocular eye pressure temporarily for six hours. Western scientists discovered coleus forskohlii initially in the name of coleonol. After a time period, the name was changed to Forskolin.