Discover the technology behind the violet glass

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The ancient Egyptians first used violet glass to preserve their precious oils and elixirs. It is said that this glass can protect and preserve substances by filtering out the harmful spectrum of light while letting in beneficial rays, such as violet and ultraviolet. This unique property makes violet glass (also known as Miron Glass) perfect for storing and preserving high-quality natural ingredients, including essential oils, herbs, and cosmetics. Additionally, this glass is highly sustainable and can be reused many times. Many companies that produce high-end natural products use violet glass bottles with a glass pipette to ensure that the product remains fresh and potent for as long as possible. The beauty industry is the most frequent beneficiary of this type of glass because it makes it possible to create natural products that last longer without preservatives.

How does violet glass differ from regular glass?

When it comes to packaging natural products, the type of glass used can make a significant difference in the shelf life and potency of the contents. Traditional glass, such as clear or amber-coloured glass, allows light to penetrate and degrade the contents over time. In contrast, violet glass filters out harmful light while letting in beneficial rays that preserve the contents. For example, studies have shown that olive oil stored in violet glass has a longer shelf life and retains its quality for a more extended period compared to olive oil stored in traditional glass. Additionally, cosmetic products, such as facial oils and serums, benefit from being stored in violet glass bottles as they remain fresher and more potent for extended periods. While traditional glass has been used for centuries, it does not offer the same level of protection and preservation as violet glass.

What packaging is produced with violet glass?

The most common packaging products made with violet glass include bottles, jars, and vials. These containers are often used for natural products such as essential oils, herbal tinctures, supplements, and cosmetic and skincare products such as facial oils, serums, and moisturisers. Additionally, violet glass is also used for packaging gourmet food products such as olive oil, honey, and spices, as the glass can help to preserve the freshness and quality of the contents. In recent years, there has been a growing trend of using violet glass packaging for high-end luxury products, such as perfumes and premium skincare lines, as the glass adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the product. Some chain stores also offer containers of violet glass for people wishing to store their products at home.