How Much Protein Is In An Egg White?

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Talk about adding protein to our daily meals and egg is the first thing that comes to mind; especially when it can be enjoyed as so many scrumptious breakfast options like omelettes, scrambled, boiled or par-boiled and even poached. Indians have gone a little more creative and added curry to our boiled eggs to make a delicious egg-curry or simply made a masala egg bhurji using this versatile ingredient. But, other than its good taste, egg is also known for its health promoting properties. Egg whites are a cholesterol-free and a low-fat way to add a dash of protein in your diet; even those who have cardiovascular issues can enjoy it as their everyday breakfast meal.

How Much Protein Is In Egg Whites?

While egg yolks contain the most protein content, egg whites are no less. According to Ritesh Bawri, Nutritionist and Physiologist, “An egg yolk (per 100 grams) has about 16 grams of protein content, while an egg white contains 11 grams”. According to the Harvard School of Public Health, a single egg white may contribute to approximately five percent of your daily protein requirements, if you are following a 2,000 calorie diet.

Some Health Benefits of Egg White

The protein from egg whites are consumed by our body to keep our muscles strong, helps in tissue maintenance and enhance our immunity system. It also allows our cells to produce enzymes that are essential for healthy metabolism and hemoglobin, which further helps to transport oxygen to our tissues.

And if you are looking to have a low-calorie meal to maintain that fitness regime, just load up on egg whites excluding the yellow part, of course. Since egg white is rich in vitamin B-2, it also supplies important nutrients to our body that help to break down the food and allow our cells to produce energy, especially after work out.

Egg Yolk Vs Egg White

But there has always been a debate whether an egg yolk is healthier than white? Ritesh Bawri explains, “Both egg whites and egg yolks are healthy for you. Historically, it was believed that the egg yolk had cholesterol and, therefore, was bad for your heart. This myth has now been debunked as it is widely believed that the cholesterol in our meals is not the primary cause for high cholesterol in your body.”

Cooking With Egg Whites

If eating egg white is boring, make it interesting by adding it into your salads with loads of broccoli, lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, et al. You can also pair it with lean meats and vegetables. Better still, you can bake the egg white to perfection and enjoy it with finely chopped veggies or just as is.

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