What is Macular Degeneration? How is It Treated?

Macular degeneration is known for causing severe vision loss in people over 60 years old. The age-related macular degeneration occurs when macular, a small portion at the center of the retina, deteriorates. What is the retina? Well, the retina is a nerve tissue at the back of the eye which senses light. Macular degeneration is often referred to as an age-related macular degeneration because it mostly affects people as they age. While it is not a totally blinding condition, macular degeneration can cause significant loss of vision.

Types of macular degeneration

1.   Dry form

This form of the degeneration involves the presence of drusen, yellow deposits, in the macula. As the number of the yellow deposits increases, distortion of vision starts becoming more noticeable, especially, when reading. The advanced stage of this form of macular degeneration is characterized by a patient having a blind spot in the center of their …

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How to Prepare for Old Age

There is no escaping the progression of time. Growing old is one of life’s biggest inevitabilities, and barring a tragic accident, all of us will one day grow old. Knowing this however, affords us the opportunity plan ahead and make sure all of our affairs are in order before we reach our golden years.

There are some important steps that we can take ahead of time to ensure that our autumn years are as comfortable and free of unforeseen circumstances that could throw us for a loop if we are unprepared. While there is no way to predict unexpected expenses, accidents, or any other not-so-desirable outcomes, we can make sure that our proverbial ducks are all in a row.

In this article, we have assembled a brief rundown on some steps that people can take to help safeguard themselves and their loved ones against unpredictable and unfortunate circumstances that they …

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Hasil gambar untuk makanan baik untuk anak

Food is not only aimed at eliminating hunger. Content in food also needs to be considered so that the body gets the nutrients it needs. In addition, food can also help to increase endurance. The choice of food is needed so that the food consumed does not cause pain in children.


Children generally have a lower body resistance than adults. So that food and snacks consumed should have a good content to help increase body resistance.

Fruit with a high content of vitamin C

Vitamin C has a function that can help improve the immune system. It is suspected that vitamin C works by increasing the formation of white blood cells. Fruits that contain high levels of vitamin C, such as oranges and lemons. Vitamin C intake is needed every day because the body cannot form itself or store it.


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Get Back in the Game

Playing sports requires quick movements and positions that aren’t experienced often outside of the playing field or court. There are plenty of aches and pain that will occur simply by participating in the activity of sport. Sometimes one can even experience an injury due to sports and seeing a specialist with experience on sporting injuries will be something an individual wants to do. 

Getting injured as an athlete at any level of experience is frustrating; this frustration can become exacerbated by having that injury treated incorrectly or by someone who simply has no experience treating sports injuries. This is why seeing a specialist in sports medicine may be the right solution for someone in Bend or the surrounding areas of Oregon. Electing the right specialist is important for a person to become healthy again and be able to safely return to the sport that they love. 

Understand the Situation

If …

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Choosing Products to Use on Your Face

Image result for Choosing Products to Use on Your Face

The skin on your face is delicate and it can only handle certain types of products. There are some things that you do not want to put on your face in case they would cause it to break out. When you are shopping for products that you can use on your face, know what it is that you want to achieve with the products that you pick out and figure out which products are safe for use on your face. There are certain products that can be good for facial skin and there are others that can mess with that sensitive skin and cause issues.

Look for Well Reviewed Cosmetic Items:

When shopping for makeup, look for products that have good reviews. If you are going to spread a foundation all over your skin, you want to make sure that you can do that without it breaking you out. If …

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