I want to suggest you a funny game Smurfs’ Village

Smurfs’ Village is all fun! And I search the web for smurfs’ village cheats for a long time, finally I got it.

 smurfs’ village cheats

It is a free download game that is very interesting and full of fun. It is a story of Gargamel who has broken into a village and your aim is to build a new village for the Smurfs’. This game has become a staple of the freemium games scene on the App store on iOS and Android. This game on iOS is very interesting and enjoyable; the little blue eighties throwbacks are some of the updates incorporated.

In the Smurfs’ Village on Android, there are six new ceramic items to unlock and three gameplay namely: rock tumbler, outdoor place and jousting game. Moreover, it has ceramic path tiles and a new ceramic boat for the river when you acquire potter on the mountain.

I started playing this game with only a single mushroom house and a lone ploughed land. I then quickly progressed to build special houses, elaborating gardens with colourful crops, bridges to span running rivers, trodden paths and so on and end up building up a new village for the Smurfs to call a home. This game is fun and interesting.

The game is a little bit tricky and you need to be creative to complete building a village. You can also play with your favourite Smurfs’ and connect with friends through the social media and compare your performances. Moreover, you can play offline and also some mini games within it. This game on Android and iOS has retina display graphics that will keep it fresh as you play it again and again.
No game is as awesome as Smurfs’ Village. I would recommend that you get your kids this game. I tried it with my first born, I saw the love that boy had for this game and he still love it more than the first impression. This is a gift and a present that you can’t afford to buy for your kid. The game is free but you will need to part some extra cash for additional in-app content.


Walk like a New Yorker


Anything happen while we were away?

(Please enjoy this drawing by Chicago artist/curmudgeon pundit-in-the-making Russ White, recently commissioned to make art for the Village Voice due to the excellence you’re currently feasting your eyes upon.)

Walk like an Egyptian


“…the citizen who thinks he sees that the commonwealth’s political clothes are worn out, and yet holds his peace and does not agitate for a new suit, is disloyal; he is a traitor.”

– Mark Twain, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court


“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable.”

– John F. Kennedy

“…every citizen of the republic ought to consider himself an unofficial policeman, and keep unsalaried watch and ward over the laws and their execution.”

– Mark Twain, Traveling With a Reformer


“The time is always right to do what is right.”

– Martin Luther King Jr.

This changes everything. Again

Done the right way.

We received an intriguing email the other day warning us about a hoax for the new iPhone 4CF, which is free of conflict minerals. Upon further investigation we were led to a website that brilliantly and flawlessly spoofed Apple’s site, introducing a “new” iPhone 4. As it turns out, this email didn’t come from Apple, but from the creators of the hoax itself. The fake site presented information on conflict minerals and instructions for exchanging your phone for a new “better world,” as well as encouragement to make a citizens arrest of heads of mining companies “that have been implicated in pillaging the resources of the Congo and fueling the conflict in the Congo over the past 14 years.”

We linked the photo of the nonexistent phone to the website – it was top-drawer activism and someone clearly put a great deal of work into it – but just two days later the site disappeared. (Luckily, religionandtechnology.com had the foresight to take screen shots of all the pages before the site went dark.) The iPhone 4CF and subsequent website is yet another gem from The Yes Men, who have now posted links to more information on Twitter. Along with their hijacking of the Chevron “We Agree” campaign, which has received more media attention than Chevron’s actual campaign, The Yes Men are very busy indeed. These guys deserve a Nobel Peace Prize for their tireless, breathtaking and hilarious work in all areas of activism. Recently we encountered a man sitting on a street corner shouting “If you want peace, fight for justice,” which could easily be a tenant of The Yes Men, and… We Agree.

Are we suggesting that you give up your iPhone or any of the other gadgets that contain conflict minerals? No. We are, after all, users of this technology ourselves – at least until we figure out how to transmit our weblog directly to your minds. We are simply passing on information that isn’t exactly at the forefront of everyone’s attention. As Nicholas D. Kristof says in his Op-Ed piece : ”It’s not that American tech companies are responsible for the slaughter, or that eliminating conflict minerals from Americans’ phones will immediately end the war. Even the Enough Project, an anti-genocide organization that has been a leading force in the current campaign, estimates that only one-fifth of the world’s tantalum comes from Congo.” But awareness is a step toward solution. There simply has to be a better way. We should all know where the products that are a part of our everyday lives come from, what the impact is, and what it means to our future and our past.