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E- Cigarettes over Normal Cigarettes Some people consider smoking to be a cool thing. This is majorly due to some adverts that make it appear cool. There is also the emergence of new ways of smoking which attract people to the activity. Without realizing, people find themselves addicted to smoking. Parents have a responsibility of ensuring that their children are as far as possible from cigarettes. Smoking begins as a joke only for people to later find themselves unable to stop. People should at all costs avoid smoking as it comes with many disadvantages. Cigarettes contain nicotine and tar. The addictive substance is nicotine. Tar on the other hand blocks lung pores by sticking on them. This results to problems in inhalation. It also leads to lung cancer. Other components in cigarettes also make people susceptible to other cancers. Treating these conditions is difficult. The main disadvantage is that even passive smokers can be affected. The health of their family members is put at risk as well. It is also deadly for the young children. Parents need to keep the young away from smokers. A number of complications also arise for expectant women. First they risk having a miscarriage. It is also likely for them to give birth to dead children. This is due to the various harmful chemicals that they expose their fetuses to. Development of the brain for these children is also hindered. Such children will be slow to learning as well as have health complications from time to time. For the sake of their children, expectant women should avoid cigarettes.
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Smoking is also detrimental to the environment. Air pollution occurs a lot. Suffocation can occur if people smoke in an enclosed room due to the buildup of carbon monoxide. The smell of cigarettes is also very unpleasant thus people tend to keep away from smokers. This can cause a person to feel rejected leading to depression and stress. Those with asthmatic conditions can barely survive in a smoking environment. Gases from smoking also destroy the ozone layer leading to global warming.
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Most of the earnings of those who smoke is spent on cigarettes. They therefore overlook other responsibilities they might have. Economic and social problems also arise. Such people will go for cigarettes at the expense of food for their families. A lot of money is also spent on treating smoking related complications. Loss of the sense of taste as well as brown teeth are other problems that smoking traditional cigarettes causes. A persons image is therefore ruined. Most employers will also not employ a smoker. This is because they constantly require smoking time. It is proven that smoking normal cigarettes carries with it a lot of disadvantages thus the need for people to turn to e-cigarettes. Quitting smoking normally turns out to be a daunting task. People need to avoid it in the first place. Prevention is always better than cure.


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