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If you want to get published in that journal, you had better read it, not less than one subject, preferably several issues. Depending on the popularity of the magazine, you might be able to purchase a replica at a bookstore or newsstand, but if the journal you have chosen is less nicely-identified, you will most likely have to go online and order a copy or again subject directly from the publishing firm.

Since 1998, Healthy Magazine´╗┐ has been distributed digitally in over 250 cities with interactive options. We are expanding the print version by location as we grow, mailing to all doctors, dentists, chiropractors, medical practitioners, health clinics, banks, and other companies in the region. If you’d like to have Healthy Magazine in your metropolis, and are occupied with an unique franchise-esque alternative to construct and promote Healthy Magazine locally, contact us at (801) 369-6139.

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