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Principles of Chiropractic Practice Other than using drugs to treat pain, infection and other health malady, chiropractors pride themselves on taking a natural approach which is essentially based on the principle that the body has an amazing and an innate ability to heal itself under the right condition. It is only through the proper alignment of the nervous system, the job of which is to control every cell and organ of the body. This is basically the principle on which the entire profession is built upon, and the reason why the focus of the Chiropractor is an attention on the health of your spine, and aligning them if it is deflected by sudden twist and other traumatizing cases that enables any nerve system to function abnormally. The history of the chiropractic practice can be traced some centuries ago when a man who was deaf in one ear went to see a magnetic healer named Palmer. Upon learning that Lillard the patient suffered a head injury that caused the deafness proceeded to evaluate his spine by a physical hand contact and noticed that a vertebra in the upper back seemed widely out of alignment. By bringing back the dislocated vertebra to proper alignment, Lillard’s deafness was relieved and brought back. We should remember that most cells and organs of the body are controlled by the nerves coming from the spinal cord, and this affects our organs when the nerves are compressed and irritated, that is why it gives much relief to a patient when the unalignment is corrected in the spine. This is the core of the numerous chiropractic miracle stories despite its odd foundation with mainstream medicine. Chiropractic is now widely practiced in the US, Canada, and Australia and it has gained a strong political base and sustained demand for service and it is being widely accepted now even among the conventional physicians and health planners.
Learning The Secrets About Chiropractors
If we enumerate the many factors that can contribute to the nerve compression and irritation, we can list a lot of these factors including a slip, a fall, poor posture, joint swelling caused by a damaged ligaments to hold the vertebrae together, an inflammatory response caused by poor diet, lack of pure water, psychological stress, degenerative changes of the spine or intervertebral discs, trigger points and tight back muscles that pull the vertebrae out of place.
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Some of these causes is a result of neglecting your body, and there is no other professional that can prevent neuromuscular-based disease like a chiropractic can and this is the reason why it is good to take a proactive approach in getting your spine adjusted by a renowned chiropractor and recommend others to do the same. This is especially true these days when most people who go to the workplace sit the whole day and so suffer from bad posture.


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